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4 Causes of a Bad Candidate Experience

The candidate experience is more or less defined as the candidate’s encounter with the recruiting process from beginning to end: job enquiries, proactive candidate resourcing (job boards, LinkedIn), job applications, interview preparation/feedback, pre and post placement. Research from the Talent Board found that improving candidate experience is “recruiters’ number one goal for 2019” and “80–90% […]

10 Awesome Blog Post Ideas For Recruitment Agencies & How To Create Them

“Businesses who blog have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly in search engines” Tech Client Blogging – or ‘content marketing’ – has grown significantly within the recruitment industry and it is no surprise why. With the right research and strategy, it can bring you measurable return on investment through: Attracting the right visitors […]

4 Best Recruitment Training Providers In The UK

Although you may have a range of experience within your recruiting team, the importance of investing in a reliable training program is paramount to ensure your recruiters are trained to give them a competitive edge and help them become all-round exceptional recruiters. By training your recruiters with essential skills they can become: More efficient Tech-savvy […]

9 Ways Your Recruitment Culture Is Broken

The rise of workplace ‘culture’ in recent years has not gone unnoticed, to say the very least. According to Forbes, the list of benefits of a rich and thriving company culture includes increased and/or improved: Innovation Employee retention Productivity Financial performance But, you can’t just expect a culture to happen out of nowhere: you have […]

What Is Emotional Intelligence In Recruitment?

It can be a real challenge to evaluate candidates based solely on their skills and experience. This is why many businesses are beginning to introduce tests and processes to assess candidates’ emotional intelligence, particularly in roles where communication, collaboration and empathy are key to success. This blog will examine what emotional intelligence is for recruiters […]

A Recruiter’s Guide To Delivering Constructive Feedback To Candidates

According to LinkedIn, 94% of candidates want to receive feedback after an interview. But, giving feedback isn’t easy, especially when you weren’t even at the interview! As a recruiter, providing constructive feedback is how you can earn the respect and loyalty of high quality candidates and elevate your reputation above your competitors. In this blog, […]

6 Top Recruitment Blogs You Should Follow

The recruitment industry is forever evolving and one of the most effective ways to keep on top of what’s trending and new is by following dedicated recruitment industry blogs. These blogs are written by industry experts, enabling you to gain insights within the industry and capitalise on any recruitment trends, advise and technologies as they emerge. We have scoured the […]

13 Creative Ways To Reward Your Recruitment Agency Employees

Introducing a rewards program into your recruitment agency is a powerful tool to increase employee engagement and company culture; and retain top talent. As you know, working within the recruitment industry is highly results-focused, demanding and consistently evolving to meet market demands. As a result, your employees can feel under appreciated for going the extra […]

10 Social Media Tips For Recruitment Agencies

Social media is now an indispensable element of every recruitment agency’s marketing strategy. However, without the right approach, it can often be a time-consuming activity and a difficult channel to measure return on investment. One of the first steps when devising a social media strategy is to define what outcomes your recruitment agency hopes to achieve. […]

7 Key Recruitment Metrics For Recruitment Agencies

With the access of “big data”, your recruitment agency and recruiters have tools available to them like recruitment software and BI platforms to use data to analyse, track and measure operational and financial performance. But when it comes to operational performance, what recruitment metrics or key performance indicators can be identified and measured to gather […]

How To Build A Passive Candidate Pipeline

In our recent eBook – The 2018 Recruitment And Technology Trends – UK and Ireland – we found that 74.6% of recruitment agencies have identified “finding talent” as the top challenge for 2018.  Among the primary reasons why finding talent remains such a challenge is, of course, the skills shortage combined with a record low […]

How Will Voice Search Impact Recruitment?

For our 2018 UK & Ireland Recruitment Industry and Technology trends eBook, we asked survey recipients a few key questions regarding the performance of their agency’s website and if they are aware of upcoming changes with Google searches. For any recruitment agency, their website acts as the shop window to both candidates and clients alike, […]

Chatbots in Recruitment: Pros and Cons

Chatbots have been a common buzzword in the news in recent years; but what exactly is a chatbot? Chatbots or ‘automated conversational agents’ are computer programs which use natural language processing to simulate human conversations. They have been around since the 1960s, with Eliza being one of the earliest. Created by Joseph Weizenbaum, Eliza parodies […]

What is GDPR? The Need To Know Guide

Over the last 6-12 months, the vast majority of recruitment agencies have been beginning to focus more and more on reviewing their approach of data processing to address the upcoming GDPR legislation. To give you a simple need to know guide, we have compiled the answers to the 8 most frequently searched questions in Google […]

What Are LinkedIn Ads For Recruitment Agencies?

There is no doubt that LinkedIn continues to be an essential resource for recruiters and recruitment agencies to publish job ads, content, and promote brand awareness, as well connecting with potential candidates and professional networking. Over the past number of years LinkedIn has developed its product range by releasing new offerings to the market, one […]

4 Inspirational Recruitment Marketing Campaigns

Today, candidates are inundates by job board and LinkedIn jobs alerts, recommended jobs in social feeds or recruiter emails but are these methods still making a impact? In order to get candidates attention, we have seen great success from recruitment agencies and internal staffing functions that have introduced inbound marketing and recruitment marketing campaigns as part of their overall candidate […]

Google’s Mobile First Index: How Recruitment Agencies Can Prepare

Google’s mission statement since 1998 has been to “organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” Since mobile search overtook desktop search in 2015, Google has been wrestling with the conundrum that, to make information universally accessible to the majority of its users, therefore, it should be categorising, or ranking, websites based […]

Why Local SEO Is Essential For Recruitment Agencies

As a new or established recruitment agency, one of your ongoing business objective is building or increasing your agency’s online brand within the market. A way that you can achieve this is by considering adding local SEO to your website. Local SEO has become more and more prominent over the past few years due to Google’s rapid shift to […]

5 Ways Recruitment Software Improves Your Processes

Successful recruitment agencies are built on ensuring that their processes are as watertight as possible. However, according to 8×8’s recent survey, over 25% of recruitment agencies’ weekly hours are spent on inefficient practices. In the majority of cases, this may be the result of a combination of factors; poor communication, human error and outdated manual […]

Why Recruitment Agencies Should Write A Blog

Blogging or content marketing has become one of the most effective, sustainable and inexpensive marketing tactics to increase traffic to your website and generate new business enquiries online. For recruitment agencies, blogging can be particularly lucrative because both candidates and clients conduct a considerable amount of research online before they make a “purchase” decision.  According […]

5 Intermediate Boolean Search Operators For Recruiters

Every year, there are new, innovative developments within recruitment, whether it’s Google For Jobs, AI in recruitment or how to leverage the new social media platform to find better candidates. Consequently, it is very easy to become inundated with ideas about the “next big thing” and never actually implement new tactics to improve your day-to-day […]

Why Invest In Recruitment Software Training?

Whether you are implementing new recruitment software, training new staff or refresher training, the investment in providing your staff with the adequate recruitment software training is paramount. As well as ensuring your staff know how to use the software to do their job, it also ensures your recruitment agency continues to maximise the ROI with your recruitment […]

What Is Blind Recruitment?

In recent years there have been some revealing studies regarding unconscious bias within the hiring process across the globe. Australian MP, Andrew Leigh, co-authored a study that found that Chinese applicants must submit 68% more applications to get an interview than those with “Anglo-Saxon” names. In the UK, according to research by the Commons Women and […]

5 Steps For Maximising Your Recruitment Software Demo

In the 2017 LinkedIn Global Recruiting Trends report it was advised, if money weren’t a constraint, 39% of recruitment leaders would invest in new technology and 38% would invest in better sourcing tools. Despite these statistics we often hear from new clients that they have previously rushed through the sales process with previous recruitment software providers without […]

How Will GDPR Impact Recruitment Agencies?

There’s no doubt that you will have heard of the GDPR changes that come into effect as of 25th May 2018. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (Regulation (EU) 2016/679) is a regulation by which the European Parliament, the Council of the European Union and the European Commission intend to strengthen and unify data protection […]

Diversity In The Workplace: What Recruiters Need To Know

A recent Forbes Insights survey of more than 300 senior executives revealed that companies’ top two priorities for diversity and inclusion are; the recruitment of diverse employees (65%) and the retention of diverse talent (44%). Given these statistics, it stands to reason that top recruiters and agencies should not only be aware of their clients’ […]

How To Write A Job Advert For Millennials

Millennials are the first generation to be brought up in a media-saturated world. These digital natives are better informed than their predecessors, have different needs and a much higher expectation of the companies they choose to work for. Millennials prioritise purpose over profits, valuing socially conscious organisations that foster innovative thinking and invest in their […]

What Is Boolean Search In Recruitment?

Boolean search in recruitment is not a modern concept. In fact, as a recruiter, it is probably something you use everyday without even realising it. The laws of Boolean search were invented by English Mathematician George Boole in The Mathematical Analysis of Logic (1847) and have become a fundamental building block for all digital devices. […]

Google For Jobs & 4 SEO Tips For Recruitment Agencies

Google’s mission statement is, “to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.” And I think we can all agree, it has done a pretty good job so far. It currently handles at least two trillion searches per year and despite Microsoft recently offering to pay people to use Bing, Google is by […]

6 Signs You Need New Recruitment Software

We’ve all had that same feeling coming out of a Quarterly Review Meeting when placements are seeming to stagnate and the same old reasons arise such as: “It’s such a candidate driven market at the moment” “Maybe it’s Brexit worries” “It’s just that time of year” But is that really the answer? Granted, recruitment does […]

9 Essential Skills Of A Modern Recruitment Consultant

There’s no doubt that the recruitment industry has undergone huge changes in the last decade. The influence of business intelligence, social media, advancement in technology and a candidate driven market, it is no surprise that the skill set required to succeed as a modern recruiter consultant has expanded somewhat. With daily conversations with recruitment agencies across the UK […]

Recruitment Software Costs Explained

When you’re in the market for recruitment software, it can very difficult to get an honest breakdown of how much the total cost may be when comparing different recruitment software solutions and providers. Recruitment software needs to satisfy various business models and because of that, there are a range of options and associated costs to take […]

5 Top UK Recruitment Sectors to Watch in 2017

Despite the UK recruitment market’s initial anxiety after Brexit, the positive mood has returned in the majority of sectors in 2017. The UK recruitment industry is currently valued at £31.5b, anticipated to grow by up to 6.9% this year,  and, “contributes more to the UK economy than advertising, arts and recreation, and the food and beverage […]

Is Business Intelligence (BI) Essential For Recruitment Agencies?

Hans Luhn’s 1958 publication for IBM first popularised the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) defining it as, “an automatic system…developed to disseminate information to the various sections of any… organization.” However, it was not until this century that the supporting technology to implement his theories became cost effective to the wider business community. As we […]

5 Video Marketing Tips For Recruitment Agencies

There is little debate surrounding the effectiveness of video marketing. You only need to look at the dramatic change in your social media feeds in the last few years to see the marked increase in video output. In a 2015 survey, LinkedIn’s Solutions Consultant Daniel Sanders revealed “across LinkedIn globally, videos shared in the feed […]

Cloud vs Desktop in Recruitment Software

Even outside of the realm of recruitment software, there are a number of misconceptions about what it means to be ‘in the cloud’ and the advantages that may come with such a lofty position. “In the Cloud” “Cloud Software” “Cloud Solutions” “The Cloud” might be the single most misunderstood technical-term-cum-marketing-buzzword of this decade. Before we […]