5 Video Marketing Tips For Recruitment Agencies

5 Video Marketing Tips For Recruitment Agencies

There is little debate surrounding the effectiveness of video marketing. You only need to look at the dramatic change in your social media feeds in the last few years to see the marked increase in video output. In a 2015 survey, LinkedIn’s Solutions Consultant Daniel Sanders revealed “across LinkedIn globally, videos shared in the feed had 100 per cent greater engagement and 75 per cent greater share rate.” Just imagine the potential video marketing could have for your recruitment agency.

Candidates spend an average 55 seconds reading a text job advert compared to 5.23 minutes watching a video job advert.Ongig

By analysing employer video best practice, we’ll take a look at how your recruitment agency can create unique video content (within a manageable budget) to enhance your candidate engagement and receive more qualified and reliable applications. Here are 5 different approaches you can consider for your recruitment agency.

Yelp: Let Existing Employees Tell The story

Yelp’s budget testimonial video offers an honest insight into their workplace, their employees, and what a career in Yelp’s sales development program really means. Instead of reading lacklustre “responsibilities” on a careers page, candidates can connect with people who have experienced a specific career path, at several tiers, and learn what their career could become. Aimed at graduates, it captures the emotion of applying for your first job and offers persuasive evidence that working at Yelp can satisfy their career ambitions.

Twitter: Showcase Company Culture And Personality


The success of Twitter’s mock recruitment video demonstrates the importance of conveying company culture to prospective candidates. What is almost impossible to consistently get across on a careers page is the personality of an organisation but, with video, this becomes a lot simpler and authentic. The added humour increases the shareability of the content, making it perfect for increasing brand awareness across social media.

Randstad Williams: Introduce A Hiring Manager


Randstad Williams’ story of building a career as an engineer is told through the experiences of the Technical Director of Advanced Engineering, Paul Macnamara. Listening to his thoughts about what it takes to become a successful engineer against the backdrop of an exciting workplace can only inspire prospective candidates. It also provides an insight into what hiring managers want candidates to demonstrate, and feels a lot more genuine than words on a page.

Starbucks: Inspire Candidates With Career Progression

Similar to Yelp, Starbucks have used current and past interns to share their experiences of what a career at Starbucks means to them. Through conversational interviews, the focus is firmly on the candidate’s training and potential for career progression. Using social proof to give credence brings their three key company tenets to life:

  1. Opportunity
  2. More than an employee
  3. Chance to become a partner

Heineken: The Cinematic Effect

Heineken short film-esque recruitment video entitled “The Candidate” shows how brands are adopting video marketing to demonstrate what makes their brand unique. Although this does have a larger budget, the core ideas remain the same:

  • Give a clear picture of the company culture
  • Inspire candidates to engage with the brand
  • Tell a creative story to increase shareability

Is Video Marketing Right For Your Recruitment Agency?

If nothing else, you can be sure that video marketing is not going away. In fact, YouTube reports that mobile-video consumption increases roughly 100% each year, and is one of the best forms of content for evoking emotion. Viewers on social platforms are more likely to share or like a video – so what better way to showcase your recruitment agency brand.

By capturing the emotion of job searching, telling the story of your candidates’ journeys and using video creatively, your recruiters and agency have the opportunity to engage candidates creatively to increase your brand, promote current and future career opportunities and vacancies.

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