One team member supporting another.Implementation & Project Management Services - Supporting you every step of the way.
Implementation & Project Management Services - supporting you every step of the way.

Recruitment software implementation made simple and effective

We understand the importance of a successful implementation of your new Eclipse recruitment software into your business. Recruitment software implementation requires close collaboration with your project team to ensure your implementation is delivered on time and on budget.

Our implementation services team work closely with your project team during all phases of the software implementation providing industry knowledge, guidance and support to ensure you maximise your return to investment with your new Eclipse recruitment software.


  • Business Process Review & Planning

    Successful recruitment software implementation starts with preparation. By reviewing your business objectives and your front to back office operational processes, this will enable your new Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software to be configured and setup for your business requirements.

  • Data Import

    We offer a range of data importing services which is an optional part of your new Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software implementation. We offer two types of data importing services; Field Data Importing or Bespoke Data Conversion and Importing for data stored within another recruitment software solution. Whichever service you engage, we will ensure you data is successfully imported into your new Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 database.

  • Deploy & Configure

    Your new Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software is deployed, and we deliver to your project team the training module for your software configuration and setup. We empower your project team with the knowledge to easily configure and setup your Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software in line with your business objectives and your front to back office operational processes.

  • User Acceptance Testing

    Your project team conducts User Acceptance Testing by reviewing your data import (when purchased) and the completed software configuration and setup across all sections of your Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software. Once completed your business is ready for training your recruitment software users.

  • Train

    The investment in training your teams during the implementation process is critical to ensure that you and your teams make the most of your Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 functionality, and its integration into your business. Choose from online or onsite role specific training packages or the Train the Trainer program.

  • Go Live & Support

    The implementation of your Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software has been completed and we assign you to our Helpdesk Support Care team for any ongoing software support requirements.

Recruiters hard at work.The recruitment software is completely configurable for each individual business and you do not need to have a Database Administrator to Administrator to implement it" - Time Styles, Ngage Recruitment.
Recruiters hard at work."The professionalism and customer service received from Eclipse Software is second to none." - Andrew Midgley, TXM Recruit
Recruiters hard at work.I cannot recommend Eclipse Software highly enough from the initial sales process right through to implementation, training and helpdesk support." - David Cook, National Locums.
Recruiters hard at work."The experienced team at Eclipse Software ensured that the data migration, database configuration, training was delivered seamlessly throughout the implementation stages.  In short I felt safe in their hands." - Shubber Raja, MediLink Consulting Group.

Managing all aspects of your data import and development requirements

Our project management services include a range of simple field data imports to complex data conversion and import from another recruitment software solution. In addition we also provide bespoke development for your Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software.

We manage the entire process with you to ensure the project runs smoothly and delivered on time.


  • Data Import Services

    For an inexpensive data import option, our Standard Field and Bespoke Data Import Services are ideal for your data import requirements.

    Standard Field Data Import Service
    This data import service is charged at a fixed price and is ideal when you only have field data to import into your Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 database. We will provide you with our standard candidate, client or rate card Excel spreadsheet template which enables you to populate your data into a template ready for importing.

    Bespoke Data Import Service
    This service is an extension of our Standard Field Data Import Service and is ideal when you have additional field/column data, data cleansing or reformatting, CV and attachment importing requirements that are not covered in the Standard Field Data Import Service. (additional charges apply)

  • Data Conversion and Import Service

    As part of your new Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software implementation our Data Conversation and Importing Service is ideal when you have data stored in another recruitment software solution which needs to be extracted, converted and imported into your new Eclipse software.

  • Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 Bespoke Software Development

    We regularly release new updates for our Eclipse Recruitment Manager 4 software, but when you have bespoke software development requirements for your business our Project Manager will coordinate with you through the scoping and development phases to successfully deploy your bespoke software development requirement.