6 Social Media Influencers In Recruitment You Should Follow

6 Social Media Influencers In Recruitment You Should Follow

After conducting a survey of recruitment professionals in the UK and Ireland, we learned just how intertwined recruitment and social media activity has become and how highly regarded social media is within the industry:

“90% of recruitment professionals agree that social media is still an important channel”

“Over half of the UK and Ireland’s recruitment agencies predict advancements in social media will have the biggest impact in 2018”

Despite its importance, it remains a difficult channel to engage candidates and consistently inspire conversation that gets you noticed ahead of your peers. This is where following the right social media influencers can be advantageous.

By following the right recruitment influencers on social media, you can:

  • Stay on top of current opinion, trends and news within the recruitment sector.
  • Share and get involved in conversations with influencers to help build your online profile.
  • Become inspired and learn how to recruit, work and lead more efficiently.
  • Get ideas for fresh content for blogs or social media posts.

6 Social Media Influencers Every Recruiter Should Follow

1. Andy Headworth | HMRC | Deputy Director, Recruitment & Apprenticeships

@andyheadworth | Twitter Followers: 25k
Andy Headworth | LinkedIn Followers: 148k

Former Managing Director of Sirona Consulting, one of the UK’s foremost recruitment strategy agencies, Andy Headworth now works for HMRC. Author of best selling Social Media Recruitment, his advice, articles and know-how is well worth listening to.

He is active on LinkedIn and Twitter, regularly sharing industry news, his own articles and having the odd heated debate.

2. Louise Triance | UK Recruiter | Managing Director

@louisetriance | Twitter Followers: 10.4k
Louise Triance | LinkedIn Followers: 13k

Louise’s recruitment network and knowledge spans 20 years of hosting over 100 events for recruiters, founding and writing for the recruitment knowledge network, UK Recruiter, and co-hosting the Recruitment Stuff show.

She is active on both Twitter and LinkedIn and there isn’t a story or engaging conversation about UK recruitment that Louise isn’t a part of.

3. Johnny Campbell | Social Talent | CEO & Co-Founder

@JohnnyCampbell | Twitter Followers: 3,7k
Johnny Campbell | LinkedIn Followers: 24.5k

Johnny Campbell is the co-Founder and CEO of Social Talent, “the world’s leading provider of online recruitment training”. He leads Social Talent’s product strategy, marketing and content teams but is, perhaps, most recognisable as a regular keynote speaker at any, global recruitment event, “that will take me!”

Follow him on Twitter, Linkedin and even Instagram – you will learn and laugh in equal measures.

4. Lisa Jones | Barclay Jones | Director & Founder

@LisaMariJones | Twitter Followers: 6.1k
Lisa Jones | LinkedIn Followers: 9,9k

Lisa Jones is Founder of Barclay Jones, leaders in recruitment success training, recruitment technology strategy, and digital marketing strategy for the recruitment industry. She has particular expertise within recruitment technology having worked in the sector for nearly 20 years.

Read her blogs and follow her on Twitter and LinkedIn for the latest insights on recruitment technology trends.

5. Kevin Green | Good Recruitment Campaign | Chairman

@kevingreenwnc | Twitter Followers: 14.6k
Kevin Green | LinkedIn Followers: 11.7k

Kevin Green was the CEO of the Recruitment & Employment Federation (REC)  for nearly 10 years, recently stepping down in March 2018. He is now a high profile consultant within recruitment and talent acquisition. He has also spoken at Tedx and writes regular blogs.

His opinion and insights are highly regarded and, as he begins a new chapter of his career, his presence on social media will only become more prominent.

6. Greg Savage | The Savage Truth | Principal & Speaker

@greg_savage | Twitter Followers: 56.9k
Greg Savage | LinkedIn Followers: 233k

Owner of two award-winning recruitment agencies, Australian recruitment guru, Greg Savage, now speaks to and trains recruitment professionals around the world. In 2015, he was voted the most influential person in the Australian recruitment industry in the past 60 years and in 2016, he was named the most influential business voice on Twitter (Australia).

He doesn’t hold back and his blunt view on all things recruitment is refreshing and often thought provoking. Follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn to be shocked and inspired.


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