13 Creative Ways To Reward Your Recruitment Agency Employees

13 Creative Ways To Reward Your Recruitment Agency Employees

Introducing a rewards program into your recruitment agency is a powerful tool to increase employee engagement and company culture; and retain top talent. As you know, working within the recruitment industry is highly results-focused, demanding and consistently evolving to meet market demands. As a result, your employees can feel under appreciated for going the extra mile or exceeding their sales or KPI targets.

“82% of employees do NOT think they are recognised for their work as often as they deserve.”


As a business leader, the challenge remains; how can you introduce a creative and personalised employee incentive program to reward top performing employees across all divisions of your recruitment agency? Well, we have done the research for you by providing a list of 13 creative rewards and incentive ideas to cover all budgets and individual tastes.

1. Netflix Subscription

Allow your employees to disconnect from the office for some healthy binging of their favourite movies or box sets with a yearly Netflix subscription. A simple reward that’s always guaranteed to be well received.

2. Uber Credit

Give an employees a safe and comfortable trip home whenever they need it; if that is straight from the office or after a night out. Who wouldn’t want monthly Uber credit?

3. Giving To A Charity Of Their Choice

For an employee that is passionate about a charity they support, why not offer a to offer to pay a nominated amount directly to the charity or reward them with a few days out of the office per year.

4. Sporting Event Tickets

For employees that are passionate about their sports, rewarding them with tickets to a local or national sporting event or season tickets of their choice.

5. Amazon Prime Subscription

For an employee who loves to shop online and streaming box sets and movies, they will love a yearly Amazon Prime subscription for next day delivery and Amazon Prime TV.

6. Dinners For A Month

After a hectic day in the office, often the last thing a employee wants to do is go to the super market and then prepare and cook dinner. Give employees (and their partners) their evenings back, with having delicious prepared dinners delivered straight to their home for a month.

7. A Paid Holiday

Offering employees a contribution towards their holiday once a year is a great way to show that you value their time off. This may include paying for their Airbnb or hotel or by giving them airline vouchers to prompt a much-deserved getaway.

8. Do Their Dry Cleaning

Take care of one of those tedious chores that employees have to do outside of office hours. Have them bring their dry cleaning into the office and pay for the pick up and drop off dry-cleaning service for a month, 6 months or a year.

9. Gym Membership OR Personal Trainer

Staying active can be difficult to balance with a demanding career but it is important for your employees’ well being. Offer a gym membership for a year or a personal trainer for 3 months to encourage them to keep fit and give them the motivation they need.

10. Personalised Coffee Cup

For the employees who love coffee, designing a personalised coffee cup will put a smile on their face every morning. It is also great for the environment, too!

11. A Day Off Work Pass

No matter how hard-working your employees are, there will come a time when they just need a day off. Give them the freedom to have 2 short notice days off per year to just relax and get away from the stresses of the office.

12. Cooking Lessons

For a lot of people, cooking is a chore and having a busy life makes food inspiration hard to come by. Offer a basic or intermediate set of cooking lessons to give your employees the skills and ideas to make healthy food at home.

13. A Car Wash For A Year

Let’s face it – no one likes washing and polishing their car. It’s a chore that we all have to do and often leave it a bit too long. By covering the cost of a local car wash service for their car to be washed and polished for a year means it is one less chore they need to think about on the weekends.


By introducing an employee rewards program that has a range of creative and personalised incentive items at difference price points will ensure all your employees have the opportunity to be rewarded for going the extra mile or exceeding their KPI’s or targets.


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