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Eclipse Web Integration

Maximise your online interaction

Eclipse API 

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The freedom to integrate Eclipse with your company website or app with over 100 endpoints for seemless integration of functionality

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Quickly connect data between online job advertising and searching, candidate registration / on-boarding / profile management, candidate job applications, candidate compliance management and online timesheets

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Lets your website or mobile app developer simply plug directly into Eclipse's functionality, 4 or Core

WordPress plug in with Eclipse Software

Eclipse WordPress plugin

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If you don't have a website or app, the Eclipse WordPress plugin and candidate app gives you:

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Fully functional job board configurable via WordPress admin panel, candidate registration and profile management portal, candidate and client timesheet portal

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Open-source so your developers can customise and extend to suit your needs

candidate app 

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Out-of-the-box candidate app is packed with essential features such as my profile, my CV, timesheets, job searches, job applications and job basket

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It’s open-source so your developers can fully customise it, so you can create a truly bespoke experience

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Quick to set up as fully functional so you can deliver a great candidate app at a fraction of the cost

Eclipse Candidate app

Web Integration features

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Seamless connectivity

Connect your website to your Eclipse software to maximise candidate and client interaction

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Delivered directly to your dashboard so your recruitment team is notified of every new candidate application

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Advanced, flexible software that allows any combination of processing and authorisation configuration

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Now your clients can seamlessly interact with you online through their dedicated client portal

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View booked temporary workers and review their compliance right to work documents

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Clients can search for pre-authorised candidates and shortlist temporary candidates for upcoming vacancies

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