Top Recruitment and Hiring Trends

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The recruitment landscape has changed phenomenally in recent years. More than ever before, we find ourselves at the mercy of external factors affecting the economy and, in turn, the ability to find the right talent. Coupled with technological changes, an increasingly competitive job market and, post-COVID, significant changes to how work looks for many people, recruiters are consistently under pressure and having to adapt by the day.

Understanding key trends that have been shaping our economy and adapting hiring practices accordingly is critical to finding and hiring the right people.

The Rise of Temporary 

One of the significant shifts in the recruitment landscape of late is the growing popularity of temporary work arrangements. People got used to working their way during COVID (if they were lucky enough to work at all), and flexible working arrangements are now expected as standard rather than the bonus they once were. This increased demand for flexibility and autonomy has been challenging for many businesses.

Where those expectations can’t be met, many people (particularly those between the ages of 25 and 35) have turned their hand to contracting. This is great for employers keen to tap into a pool of skilled professionals for specific projects, supplying as-and-when access to specialised skills when needed as well as flexibility for the employee.

If you’re struggling to find the right talent for a permanent 9-5 job, consider whether it could be adapted to suit contractors. The number of people willing to work regular hours and even regular long-term jobs is steadily declining – this may be just the change you need to make things easier for yourself.

Recruitment Software can help you manage temporary job lists and find candidates, a great example of software like this is Eclipse Core Pro, where you can search and match candidates with the right job, using customisable and comprehensive functionality within records and utilise the temporary work timesheet to efficiently create, process and authorise at the click of a button.

Making Informed Data-Driven Decisions

Technology has advanced dramatically in recent years, and recruitment software is no exception. With built-in data analytics now the norm for recruitment platforms like Eclipse Core Pro Software, employers can track metrics like candidate activity, vacancy status, budget allocation, and time to hire with more ease than ever.

This data affords valuable insights into recruitment processes, saving not only time and resource but also empowering companies for continuous improvement, and helping to mitigate unconscious bias in hiring decisions.

The Shift to Empowering Job-Seekers

In today’s highly competitive job market, candidates hold more power than ever. Providing a positive candidate experience has become paramount, with a streamlined recruitment process no longer a nice-to-have but a must-have.

From the job advertisement all the way through to offer, companies who are recruiting most successfully are now doing so with candidate experience in mind. This involves crafting job adverts that are clear, engaging, and accurately represent the role and company culture, prioritising open, honest and proactive communication with candidates to keep them informed throughout the recruitment journey and, ultimately, prioritising employer brand.

Enhancing Efficiency Using Machine Learning

Machine learning and automation are poised to revolutionise the hiring process. These technologies are already streamlining various aspects of recruitment, such as resume screening and candidate engagement, and have come into more use of late in crafting adverts, sourcing talent, and streamlining workflows.

Automation tools can help you quickly sift through large volumes of applications, finding the most qualified candidates efficiently, and personalise candidate engagement, making interactions more relevant and engaging. For every action there can be an automated reaction in Eclipse Core Pro to streamline your recruitment.

Employers can explore the multitude of machine learnings and automation tools available to help with various aspects of the hiring process. Recruitment software like Eclipse can help save time, reduce errors, and improve the overall efficiency of recruitment.

Is your recruitment process up-to-date and relevant?

2024 is set to be an exciting year and by staying on top of the latest hiring trends and adapting practices accordingly, businesses can (and do) significantly improve the hiring process. If you’re curious to explore a platform that could help you get up to speed, our team is available to give you a free demo of Eclipse Recruitment Software.