10 Awesome Blog Post Ideas For Recruitment Agencies & How To Create Them

10 Awesome Blog Post Ideas For Recruitment Agencies

“Businesses who blog have a 434% higher chance of being ranked highly in search engines”
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Blogging – or ‘content marketing’ – has grown significantly within the recruitment industry and it is no surprise why. With the right research and strategy, it can bring you measurable return on investment through:

  • Attracting the right visitors to your website
  • Converting those visitors into prospective clients and candidates
  • Improving your overall ranking in search engines like Google
  • Providing excellent marketing and sales collateral to showcase your expertise

Reading these benefits, a couple of questions may come to mind:

“How do I come up with blog titles?”
“How do I know which blog posts will be successful?”

The reason why we have decided to write this blog post is because we have had great success using a structured content marketing strategy that has improved the profitability of our website.

So, in this blog, we’ll share how you can create successful blog ideas from scratch for your agency and we’ve even included some ready made blog ideas that you can use today.

3 Key Ingredients For Creating A Successful Blog Idea

1. Start with your audience

Ask yourself, who do you want to attract to your website? For recruitment agencies: are you wanting to attract more clients or more candidates? Think about their goals and challenges, specifically considering what they’re typing into Google whilst either job-seeking or prospective clients weighing up whether to use a recruitment agency. These questions, topics and themes should give you some key search terms that your blog post idea can focus on addressing.

2. Use the right search terms in the right places

As much as a pithy headline is right for newspapers or magazines, it’s not always suitable for blog content. At the very least, your key search terms must appear in the URL (www.recruitmentagency.co.uk/blog-title), blog page title and body of your blog. Without using the right search terms, search engines will have no idea what your blog is about and, consequently, your target audience will have little opportunity to find it.

3. Always add value

Your content is a chance to showcase your expertise and brand personality. Not only do you want to provide some really sound advice or information, you also want to be memorable. Use numbers and action phrases (like intriguing, shocking, proven) to make your blog post stand out and think about how your blog idea will add value to your clients or candidates.

The Ultimate Guide To Inbound Marketing For Recruitment Agencies

Once you’ve been through this process, you should be able to create blog ideas that you can be proud of, that will provide value to your target audience and, ultimately, to your bottom line. Here’s some blog post ideas that our creatives came up with by going through this very process:

5 Blog Post Ideas To Attract Candidates

  1. How to get a pay rise & what to do if you don’t get it
  2. What is the average [insert target industry sector] salary in the UK?
  3. 5 ways to structure a CV that will get you noticed
  4. How to deal with job rejection and plan your next steps
  5. What makes a winning LinkedIn profile?

5 Blog Post Ideas To Attract Clients

  1. 10 proven ways to speed up your hiring process
  2. What are the best employee retention strategies for 2019?
  3. 5 simple steps to choosing the right recruitment agency
  4. Why you need to diversify your hiring process
  5. How to create job ads that’ll attract the right candidates

Transforming your blog post ideas into quality content may seem tricky at first, but it’s worth it in the long run. Taking time to create valuable blogs can be a fantastic investment for your recruitment agency. To learn more about how inbound marketing can benefit your agency, download the guide below.

The Ultimate Guide To Inbound Marketing For Recruitment Agencies