5 Tips To Encourage Recruiters To Use Your Recruitment CRM Software

5 Tips To Encourage Recruiters To Use Your Recruitment CRM Software

It doesn’t matter how comprehensive your recruitment CRM software is – if your recruitment consultants don’t use it in a consistent way (or at all) it won’t be a worthwhile investment. So, if your real problem is that your recruiters are not using your recruitment CRM at all, or in different ways, what are the top tips to help educate and motivate your recruiters?

1. Explain and sell the benefits

As your recruitment teams grow, it becomes more essential that your recruiters record and manage data effectively within your recruitment CRM.

With more candidates, clients and jobs to manage, the key benefit is that they will be able to bill more on a daily basis. If all your recruiters are using your recruitment software in a consistent manner, they will be able communicate more effectively with clients and candidates, search and present candidates to clients more quickly and track their monthly placements and billings.

2. Provide recruitment software training

By providing your recruiters the foundational knowledge, tips and tricks to make the most of your recruitment software, they will be able to see the benefits that it can make to their daily activity.

We always recommend comprehensive, role specific training as it targets the exact training for them to perform their role. When they can understand how they can use your recruitment CRM to its full potential, it will ensure that they reduce time on administration tasks and more time speaking to candidates and clients.

To find out more about recruitment software training – read our blog.

3. Show them the money

Nothing will encourage recruiters more than seeing quantifiable results. Most recruitment software solutions have the functionality to track your recruiters efficiency in terms of output – for example – candidates and jobs registered, CV’s sent and placements made.

By showing your recruiters the quantifiable numbers of efficiency, comparing a CRM-savvy recruiter compared with a CRM amateur, you should be able to convince them that by embracing technology, they can earn bigger commission every month.

4. Knowledge sharing

It is natural that in all teams, there will be technologically gifted recruiters who understand the benefit of software and grasp how it works very quickly, and those who don’t.

Not everyone learns in the same way and many recruiters can be put off by a classroom environment or through online classes. Recruitment CRM tips and tricks can be a lot easier to digest when it comes from colleagues or as they work on a daily basis. Perhaps organise a monthly meeting where tips, tricks and new features are shared by team members so all your recruiters have the opportunity to learn from their peers.

5. Target and reward

The majority of recruitment consultants thrive on competition and only need a target to aim for to feel motivated. Others can be encouraged by “the gold at the end of the rainbow”. Using a simple target and reward system can vastly improve recruiters’ efficiency and maximise your recruitment software.

By encouraging your recruiters to embrace your current recruitment software and use it to its full potential, your recruitment agency’s bottom line and their individual commissions can benefit.


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