5 Ways Recruitment Software Improves Your Processes

5 Ways Recruitment Software Improves Your Processes

Successful recruitment agencies are built on ensuring that their processes are as watertight as possible. However, according to 8×8’s recent survey, over 25% of recruitment agencies’ weekly hours are spent on inefficient practices. In the majority of cases, this may be the result of a combination of factors; poor communication, human error and outdated manual administrative activities.

But it doesn’t need to be this way.

Recruitment software is designed to reduce the opportunity for human error, centralise information, data and communication. If you’re looking for reasons to make an investment in this area or have the sneaking suspicion that you’re not using your recruitment CRM to its full potential, here are 5 ways recruitment software should help to improve your processes on a daily basis:

1. Maximising Talent Pools

Most recruiters are now proactively building talent pools to stay ahead of talent requirements for their clients. Building talent pools is an effective way for recruiters to ensure a constant flow of candidates are available for temporary or permanent vacancies as they are received from their clients.

Ensuring your candidate CRM software is configured, and is fit for purpose for your agency, enables your recruiters to effectively code up candidates based on their employment preferences, skills and experience. By maximising and managing talent pools effectively in your recruitment software, you can ensure your recruiters are able to search, match and shortlist candidates quickly and present the most suitable candidates to your clients.

2. Improving The Candidate Experience

As any recruiter knows, when you’re managing hundreds of candidates at any one time, it is almost impossible to provide the “perfect candidate experience” for each and every person. There are times (hopefully not too often) when a high quality candidate will slip through the net because you failed to keep in touch or provide the correct information when requested. Human error will always occur and a bad candidate experience can damage your agency in the long term as well as the short term.

By reducing the time spent on manual and administrative tasks, your recruiters can devote more time nurturing the human connection and provide an outstanding service to their candidates. For example, creating email and SMS templates within your recruitment CRM for all commonly used communications for your front, middle and back office teams can ensure candidates receive consistent and accurate information when it matters.

3. Optimising The Recruitment Process

Recruitment software can streamline your internal processes, making for a more efficient candidate and client experience. All interaction with candidates and clients can be recorded in one place to minimise the risk of those awkward, ‘Sorry, who did you last talk to?’ conversations, while the entire process from CV to interview to placement can be tracked with ease. This allows you to measure the cost and performance of your recruitment process and make the necessary tweaks to stay ahead of your competitors.

4. Centralising Administration

Recruitment software relegates shuffling papers to the past, allowing you to record all candidate and client information digitally as well as compliance documents, CVs and terms of business. Centralising your administrative output allows for processes to be learned and implemented uniformly across your agency so no important documents are misplaced. Managing administrative tasks outside of your recruitment CRM manually should be a task from the past, so cut out the paper trail and you’ll cut down on time spent on administration.

5. Boosting Visibility

Recruitment software can store data such as the source of your candidates, your hiring velocity, the cost per hire and conversion rates, just to cite a few. Using your recruitment software to help you understand and analyse your data will enable you to make strategic decisions, hone your processes to perfection and identify where any further investments need to be made. The right software can also ensure your costs are visible too, giving you the power to monitor, benchmark and report on costs throughout the recruitment journey.

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