Eclipse Software and HealthPass join forces to improve healthcare recruitment

Eclipse and HealthPass Partner up

Eclipse Software and HealthPass partner up to accelerate onboarding and look to streamline the recruitment process, with a comprehensive and fully integrated CRM solution. The partnership will leverage HealthPass’s platform to provide candidates and staff with access to a wide range of candidate onboarding and compliance data management tools.

The partnership between Eclipse Software and HealthPass offers several benefits including two way live synchronisation of:

  • Customised digital onboarding
  • Credentialing & Compliance Portal
  • Electronic referencing, reminders, and alerts as well as expiry date management and repeat requests and reporting for compliance monitoring.
  • Visa information, revalidation, and easy tracking of NMC and Health board registrations
  • Current and new DBS Checks for multi-countries
  • Auto document population and editing of candidate data.
  • Adaptable for all clinic, private, and NHS Trust requirements

HealthPass is for practitioners, agencies, and hospitals. The dedicated onboarding and compliance management tool increases the speed of your processes, reduces cost, mitigates risk, and saves your workforce valuable time.

Using the Eclipse integration Bolt-on HealthPass connects seamlessly with our full suite of recruitment software products, providing an end-to-end process from registration through to timesheets and invoicing.

Eclipse Software is a complete talent acquisition and end to end recruitment process management platform that helps agencies and companies hire the right people quickly. The onboarding and compliance management functionality is perfectly complemented and enhanced by our partnership with HealthPass to provide a fully interactive onboarding experience for the candidate whilst freeing up time for your compliance team. 

Eclipse Software is scalable to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinationals, and helps them grow sustainably.  It is also one of the most widely used products in UK healthcare recruitment.

  • Framework and Client-specific rate and shift template management
  • Hospital Policy management
  • Professional Registration and Revalidation records
  • 12-month view of candidates’ availability and work.
  • Framework checklist and CV pack automation
  • Customisable automation workflows
  • Fully auditable 
  • Plus, many more features

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