Is Facebook the Future for Recruiters?

Facebook entering the job ad market - recruitment industry

Facebook is currently testing a new product which will see Facebook formally enter the job ad market. This new product will allow recruiters to post job adverts within Facebook, including salary, job information and a Apply Now function. Candidates will be able to view and apply for job adverts using their Facebook account, with personal details automatically filled in from their Facebook profile.

A statement from a Facebook spokesperson, “based on behavior we’ve seen on Facebook, where many businesses post about their job openings on their company Page, we’re running a test for Page Admins to create job postings and receive applications from candidates.”

Many recruiters already vet candidates via their social media accounts, as well as posting job adverts on Facebook, but this new product will bring a closer and direct link between recruiters and potential candidates. Recruiters will also be able to pay to target their job ad out to specific Facebook users, which will see a direct competition with LinkedIn’s paid job ad product.

In addition last month Facebook unveiled a new business product designed entirely for the office named Workplace. It is a tailored version of the social network for inter-office communication, where employees can post status updates, photos and videos, “like” and comment on posts within their feed and chat with colleagues. Workplace is separate from Facebook, and employees do not need a Facebook account to use Workplace.

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