3 Reasons To Send Emails Through Your Recruitment CRM Software

Why Send Emails Through Your Recruitment CRM Software

As anyone who has faced the daunting prospect of an overflowing inbox understands all too well, we simply can’t live without email. Email is the number one source of communication, with clients and candidates, alike, and often acts as the binding contract for which you can reference.

Given the importance of email, what process can you put in place to safeguard recording what emails and information has been sent to candidate and clients? Your recruitment software is the perfect solution, below are 3 reasons why your staff should start sending emails from your recruitment software.

1. Increase Visibility

In both temporary and permanent recruitment, there are a number of staff involved in the end to end process. With this in mind the importance of sending emails to candidate and client contacts within your recruitment CRM means that every email communication sent will be recorded in the interaction log. An interaction log can be a lot easier to search than Outlook, can be accessed by any team member at any time and is formatted clearly. This reduces the chance of losing valuable information dramatically, and accelerates the process, saving valuable time for recruiters.

2. Save Time And Quality Control

By creating email templates within your recruitment CRM for commonly sent emails, your staff can save a huge amount of time as well as ensuring that communication is consistent, reliable and sets a minimum standard for quality. Template emails can also be a valuable way of training new employees across your business on what is expected of them when communicating to candidates and clients.

3. Improve Client And Candidate Experience

By saving your recruiters time and by having a more professional and consistent communication system in place, you will inevitably improve the candidate and client experience. Not only will they receive faster communication without administrative hiccups, recruiters can use the surplus time to provide a more comprehensive service to both candidates and clients.

Sending emails through your recruitment CRM is a simple and effective way to safeguard interactions and improve your daily processes. But it is just one way recruitment software can enhance your agency’s processes. To find out 5 ways it can help, read our blog.

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