Why Invest In Recruitment Software Training?

Why Invest In Recruitment Software Training

Whether you are implementing new recruitment software, training new staff or refresher training, the investment in providing your staff with the adequate recruitment software training is paramount. As well as ensuring your staff know how to use the software to do their job, it also ensures your recruitment agency continues to maximise the ROI with your recruitment software.

Understandably, recruitment software training can be seen as an optional cost i.e. not essential. But without equipping your staff with the right training to do the job, how can you expect their output to be sufficient, let alone exceptional? So let’s assess what training is on the market and how you can make the right choice for your recruitment agency.

What Type Of Recruitment Software Training Is Available?

This is the a foundation course that trains user on the software’s core functionality, features, navigation and search options. This type of training course is generally delivered first and becomes the foundation for the additional training packages.

Role Based Training
Role specific software training packages are designed to target the right training to the right people within your business. Most recruitment software companies provide a range of role based training packages to ensure your training spend is optimised. This could include 360° permanent or temporary recruitment, compliance and payroll processing and client invoicing.

Train The Trainer
A Train the Trainer program is recommended if you have a dedicated in-house trainer or subject matter expert that can deliver new employee or refresher software training to your staff. This type of training program is delivered to empower your in-house trainer with the knowledge across all functionality of your recruitment software solution. There is an initial cost upfront to have your dedicated trainer trained across all the software’s functionality, but there will be a cost saving over a period of time as new staff join or existing staff require refresher training.

What Type Of Training Delivery Models Are Available?

Onsite Instructor Led Training
This type of training is facilitated by a trainer onsite within a classroom and group setting. Despite its additional cost, classroom based training remains very popular due to having in-person contact with each staff member.. Generally, the travel cost and expenses are paid for by you, the agency.

Online Instructor Led Training
This type of training is facilitated by an instructor who is offsite and the training is delivered in an online setting. The benefits of online are that you will save on the cost of the trainer travel and accommodation and the training can be delivered to multiple offices, in domestic or international locations simultaneously. So, if your agency has an international presence or branches across the UK, the training can remain consistent across the company.

Implementing A Continuous Learning Environment

The majority of learning for any software happens during their daily working hours as consultants using it everyday will inevitably get more confident with the software and attempt more complicated actions.. To maximise efficiency with the software, many recruitment agencies implement a continuous learning environment which aims to support and advance recruiters’ skills as and when they require.

An effective continuous learning plan includes a mix of formal, informal, and on-the-job training options. This is critical for staff that have attended a formal training program as the adaption of what has been learnt in a formal setting into their day to day work is generally when questions will arise or side by side coaching is required. By training your staff sufficiently and providing a continuous learning environment you should expect to see improvements across the board, from efficiency in daily tasks right through to your bottom line.

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