How To Write A Job Advert For Millennials

How To Write A Job Advert For Millennials

Millennials are the first generation to be brought up in a media-saturated world. These digital natives are better informed than their predecessors, have different needs and a much higher expectation of the companies they choose to work for. Millennials prioritise purpose over profits, valuing socially conscious organisations that foster innovative thinking and invest in their development.

The first point of contact in reaching digital-savvy millennials is the job advert – the bread and butter of recruitment consultants. The formula, or structure, for a successful job ad has changed dramatically; what would have attracted a job seeker five years ago is unlikely to grab the attention of a millennial today.

So, if you want to attract this digital-savvy demographic – which will make up three-quarters of the global workforce by 2025, says Deloitte – here are some recommendations on how to structure and write your job ads for attracting millennials:

Honest and Human

Similar to reading phrases like ‘strong communication skills’ or ‘good problem solver’ in a CV, your job ad is unlikely to excite millennials if it’s packed with buzzwords and empty phrases. Don’t be robotic: rather than copy and pasting a list of duties, describe the skills and personality traits of the ideal candidate.

Paint an honest bigger picture by highlighting meaningful work your company (or clients company) has carried out, as well as any aspects of the job that may appeal to the job seeker’s career goals.

Focus on Learning

Millennials are career-driven and keen to expand their knowledge. As a result, they want to be sure that the company they work for will provide them with the tools and training they need to develop and flourish in their roles.

Your job ad should explain how your company or client is committed to their professional growth from the outset. Create a clear path of progression, so that they know that working for your company could lead to a career full of exciting opportunities.

Discuss Company Culture

Company culture is a big deal for millennials. Research shows that companies with exceptional culture enjoy improved employee satisfaction and lower turnover. In fact, a study cited by SD Worx, found that companies with an outstanding culture outperform other businesses by 202%, So, your job ad needs to demonstrate what makes your company unique – what sets you apart from the rest?

From free breakfast to dress-down days and fitness facilities, list company perks that will appeal to millennials job seekers. Make sure you also showcase the social good of your company – for instance; write about the charitable causes you support. Ultimately, your ad needs to boast about your company and inspire millennials into thinking: “I want to be part of that.”

Make Your Adverts Mobile-First

Smartphones are the device of choice among millennial job seekers, so it’s essential that your company website and jobs pages are optimised for mobile devices. If millennials can’t easily access the ad, they won’t hesitate to move on to the next company. In fact, since the widespread adoption of smartphones, the average mobile user’s attention span is now less than a goldfish.

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Sharing your job advert on social media is really important too, given that millennials spend just over six hours a week on sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, Nielsen reports. As well as letting users know about vacancies, social media allows you to engage directly with prospective candidates, which could better your chances of appealing to them.

Support Text With Visuals

Text-heavy job adverts won’t grab the attention of millennials, so think of ways to incorporate visual elements within your ads. High-quality images, videos and infographics can help you to form deeper connections with millennials – and what’s more, BuzzSumo says that Facebook posts with images get 2.3 times more engagement.

In addition, offering millennials the option of submitting video CVs can be a great alternative for your more creative clients.

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For millennials, first impressions are everything. By creating job adverts which resonate with their values, are visually appealing and shared across the right channels, recruiters stand the very best chance of attracting highly-skilled, talented candidates.


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