6 Top Recruitment Blogs You Should Follow

6 Top Recruitment Blogs You Should Follow

The recruitment industry is forever evolving and one of the most effective ways to keep on top of what’s trending and new is by following dedicated recruitment industry blogs. These blogs are written by industry experts, enabling you to gain insights within the industry and capitalise on any recruitment trends, advise and technologies as they emerge.

We have scoured the internet for the best recruitment blogs that deliver high quality advice and top insights so you can be informed and share within your agency and on your social media channels.

LinkedIn Talent Blog

The LinkedIn Talent Blog, is a hotbed of remarkable recruitment strategies, tips, and trends, written by a mix of industry leaders, recruiters and business experts. Amongst the biggest movers in the recruitment industry, LinkedIn’s blog is always a reliable source for anyone looking for an interesting read.

Social Talent

Social Talent are global leaders in recruitment training, so it is no surprise that their blog is an enviable resource for recruiters. They publish at least 1 blog a day and if you want to be entertained whilst being informed, this blog is definitely for you.

Undercover Recruiter

Undercover Recruiter is a dedicated news sight (one of two in this list) specifically for recruitment and it has been a bastion of reliable news for many years. With a combination of recruitment, employment and candidate focused blogs, they rarely miss a trick.

Social Hire

Social Hire are a social media agency who specialise in growing revenue for recruitment agencies by using social media. Needless to say, their knowledge on social recruitment and marketing for recruitment agencies is second to none. The vast majority of blogs are written by Tony Restell (@tonyrestell) who is well worth following.

Recruiting Blogs

Recruiting Blogs are a constant source of current news and trends. They have a variety of writers who provide expert industry advice on all issues relating to the recruitment sector. As well as recruitment blogs, they also recommend webinars and conferences to attend.

Eclipse Software

Here at Eclipse Software we are focus on providing the best advice and insights for recruitment agencies whether it is recruitment software related; how to maximise inbound marketing and social media or advancements in technology  for the ever evolving recruitment industry. A few of our most popular blogs include:

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Our blog was recently voted the 9th best UK recruitment blog for 2018, according to Feedspot. Have a read and let us know what you think.

How can you easily follow your favourite blogs?


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Feedly is a content aggregator which you can personalise to keep track of all of your favourite blogs in one place. Feedly will save you time whether you’re trying to find something to read on your lunch break or you’re looking for some interesting articles to share within your agency or on social media.


Keeping on top of industry news and insights will allow your recruitment agency to stay ahead of your competitors, stay relevant to your candidates and give you the most informed view to make the best strategic decision on an ever-changing market.

Are your blogs or social media posts attracting traffic to your website? Maybe you should try inbound marketing for your agency and let candidates and clients come to you.

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